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Beds By Luban
Beds By Luban
Beds By Luban
Beds By Luban

Founded in 1989, BEDS BY LUBAN is a professional manufacturer of bedroom furniture. We specialize in producing a variety of bedroom furniture, including beds, nightstands, mattresses, dressers, vanities and more.


Our group of skilled craftsmen is committed to making furniture that is not only aesthetically pleasing but also functionally sturdy and useful. To ensure that every piece of furniture reaches our high standards of quality, we only use the best materials and pay great attention to every aspect of the production process.

Bedroom Furniture Manufacturing Companies in China

We, as the best luxury furniture brand in China recognize how critical it is for you to stand out from the crowd and leave a lasting impression in light of the recent trend upward shift. Therefore, we take pleasure in our ability to provide high-quality furniture. Whether it be elegant office furniture for a business space or fine home furnishings. Our dedication to achieving customer satisfaction has led to both our company’s growth and development.

Our goal is to consistently offer our clients the greatest office and living room furnishings on the market. It was founded with a dedication to quality and is a shining example of luxury in the furniture industry. Our enthusiasm for crafting objects that capture the spirit of opulent living. They satisfy the discriminating preferences of those who value better things in life led us to embark on this path.

Best Bedroom Furniture Brands Online 

We, as the best luxury furniture brand in China, produce works of art that are all examples of their extraordinary workmanship. Our furniture, which is painstakingly created by artists with an unyielding passion for their work, exhibits a seamless marriage of ancient techniques with contemporary aesthetics. To raise the bar on luxury, we choose the best materials and make sure every last detail is flawless.

Discover the essence of luxury and refinement with our varied selections as China Mattress Producers. Our furniture collections cover a variety of styles. Starting from traditional pieces to cutting-edge designs, giving you the freedom to create environments that are charming, opulent, and uniquely yours. Every item is able to exude elegance and distinction.

Brand Story​

The Mok family has passed the trade of carpentry down for generations. Mr. Mok watched his father and grandfather make wonderful pieces of furniture with time, care, and attention to detail as a small child growing up in a secluded village in southern China.


We cherish and honor nature, laws, customers, and the essence of things. We treat everyone with kindness and fairness, fostering harmony and inclusivity.


Love is at the heart of everything we do. We care deeply for families, employees, customers, and all humanity, ensuring their happiness and well-being.

Work Ethics

We embody a work ethic that is efficient, down-to-earth, and grateful. We strive for productivity, maintain a humble approach, and express gratitude for the opportunities we have and the relationships we build.

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